Dec. 25th, 2003


Dec. 25th, 2003 12:12 pm
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It's Christmas. Merry Christmas, you all! (smooch)
But other than that absolutely nothing is going on. I'm just trying to bide my time online, you know, keep myself occupied.
I wonder if we'll go out today. I might take a drive later. And I know we're going to have Christmas dinner. Perhaps I should help with the cookin's.
And I really should try and call my dad to wish him Merry Christmas. They might be busy though, so I might not have a chance to talk to them until tomorrow.
I don't like it when folks are so busy they hardly have a chance to talk to a relative from afar. I wonder how that can be.
(sigh) Oh well.

I'm thirsty.


Dec. 25th, 2003 01:03 pm
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I'm not a fan of anything.
I just happen to be obsessed with Siegfried and Roy right now. Someday I'll lose that obsession and go on to a different one. Unfortunately.
It so totally bugs me how my obsessions work. Crushes, whatever you want to call it, they're like, from the devil or something. They suck you in, put you through a brutal spin cycle and agitate you for a while, as though you were a pair of wickedly stiff jeans, and then spit you back out. And then you're left with a small hoard of all this...STUFF... that had to do with your previous crush that is all of a sudden completely worthless now.
And we love it.
It's the worst for me. I fall in love extremely easily, and when I do I fall HARD. I suddenly want with an aching desire any paraphernalia, anything, that has to do with the object of my desire. And suddenly without a warning the obsession disappears, and I feel stupid.
The same will certainly happen with Roy as well. I've had dozens and dozens of crushes over the past thirteen years, and they all ended the same way. Leaving a huge emptiness that can only be filled by yet another successive crush.
Depressing, doesn't it sound?
I wish I didn't have to have obsessions anymore. They distract me too much....take too much of my time away from me. And after they're finally over only then do I realize that I've just been obsessing over thin air... worthless thoughts.... passing clouds of sweet perfume.


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