Dec. 14th, 2003

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My first Live Journal! ^.^ I'm so SO glad I don't have to pay for an account. That would so majorly suck.
Now, I expect, hundreds of folks are getting in on the fun. Heh!
Until now I've been writing in a makeshift type journal in the Christian Forums website. It's nice and all but you can't create your own colors and have cute mood thingies. Teehee!
Thanks goes to my fellow forum-goer Axver for telling us about this.
Well, current news--
At church today, we had a long and way awesome Christmas service. The theme was "Christmas Around the World". There was music- great music. And people danced and sang, and there was even a funny little skit with the Wise Men. Only they used girls to play the parts of the Magi. Everyone laughed and had a great time. After it was over there were refreshments. Cookies, brownies, fruit bread, and even a small cake. My breakfast for the day. :p

A quiz!

Dec. 14th, 2003 05:06 pm
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I got this from another person's journal. Gotta love those quizzes.

If I were a:

Month- September
Day- Saturday
Time of Day- 6:00 (it's not the time I was born but I like it nonetheless)
Planet- Venus
Sea Animal- Sea Turtle
Direction- east
Piece of Furniture- lamp
Sin- laziness
Historical Figure- Elizabeth 1
Liquid- water
Tree- weeping willow
Flower- sunflower
Type of weather- sunny and warm with a gentle breeze
Musical instrument- accordion (get down!) :D
Animal- sea turtle
Color- the darkest blue you can get without hitting black
Vegetable- carrot
Sound- gentle humming
Element- air (sun sign), and water (moon sign)
Car- My little Toyota Echo! ^_^
Song- Uhhh... I don't know.
Movie directed by- Walt Disney (so what if he's dead?)
Book written by- Terry Pratchett (funny funny funny)
Food- Fettucine Alfredo with apple pie for dessert
Place- Paris Opera House
Material- silk, or reliable, comfortable cotton
Taste- chocolate
Scent- lavender
Word- fantasy
Object- mechanical pencil
Body part- hand
Facial expression- politely surprised
Cartoon character- Princess Peach
Shape- a circle
Number- 12



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